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How will you clean my carpets or upholstery.
We use various types of cleaning equipment, including a high powered truck mounted cleaning system, to ensure that we deliver nothing short of the very best service and cleaning results every time. We provide an incredibly flexible service and use the most appropriate cleaning system to meet our customer’s needs, as no single cleaning system can effectively clean every type of carpet or fabric.

Can you guarantee to remove all my marks and stains
No company can guarantee that 100% of all staining will be removed, however by using the most powerful cleaning systems in conjunction with our many stain removal treatments combined with 20 years experience and knowledge we can guarantee that if it is possible to safely remove a stain then Burfords will remove it

How long will it take for my carpets to dry
Using our High powered truckmounted cleaning system we are able to dry synthetic carpets in under an hour and wool carpets usually in 1 - 3 hours.

Do you move furniture
Yes we do move furniture as in sofas, chairs, tables and the like and then replace them back to their original position, however we do ask that ornaments or breakables are removed from the cleaning area prior to us cleaning.

Will my carpets get dirtier quicker once they have been cleaned
Because we neutralise and deep flush all our chemicals from your carpets leaving no dirt attracting chemical residues then your carpets will not get dirtier quicker. Less professional companies are known to clean with soap based detergents that because of their low suction power machines end up being left in the carpet as dirt attracting residues.

I have pets and or young children are your chemicals safe for them
All of our cleaning agents and chemicals are Pet safe, Child safe, Allergy safe and Wool safe. Burfords only use the highest quality cleaning agents which give the best results whilst being environmentally friendly.

Are you insured?
Burfords are insured for both Public liability as well as Treatments risk insurance for up £5,000000. However we have never in all of our years trading had to make a claim.

How much do you charge to clean carpets?
Price is dependent on a number of factors such as the size of the room, the level of soiling / staining. How many rooms you have done at once as you then get a multi room discount. Whether or not you are looking to have a stain protection treatment added after the clean. In the majority of cases we can give you a price over the phone but in some cases we might have to call out to you and do a free quotation. Either way the price we quote is the price we charge, we do not try to edge the price up once we start the job as is the case with a lot of other companies.

We appreciate that Burfords level of service is not for everyone and if you are phoning around looking for the cheapest possible price it will not be us, then again we would never turn up with a DIY hire machine or the like and rush through the job as quick as possible to get to the next one regardless of how your carpets cleaned up, as these sorts of companies need to do a huge volume of jobs each day to make any money and they don’t care if you never call them again for more work as they are onto the next lot of customers looking for the cheapest price.

At Burfords we look after each and every customer taking as much time on a job as we need to in order to do the job right, as we want you to use us again and again as well as to tell other people how happy you were with the service.


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